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Structural drafting India function of the steelwork detailer

Friday, July 30, 2010

Structural drafting India provides structural steel detailing services to the engineering, structural steel and oil industries throughout the global world. Our fully trained and experienced draughtsmen currently use the latest technology for structural steel detailing services. The main role of the steelwork draughtsman or detailer will now be examined more closely. When the contract is placed with a steelwork fabricator and assuming that the steelwork detailer works for the fabricator, their duties can be categorised as following.

a) The consulting engineer's drawing and specification are passed on by the company management to the drawing office where the drawing office manager assesses the extent, complexity and time content of the job

b) The section leader confers with a senior detailer/draughtsman who constitutes a team of draughtsmen on the basis of expertise in specific are gained form experience in the previous contracts.

c) The first function to prepare a list of steel material from the layout drawing provided by consulting engineers, enabling the contractor to reserve the items from stock or to place order with steel merchant or steel mills.

d) The detailers proceed with the preparation of the steel work detailing, drawing providing an accurate representation of components of structures, namely, beams, girders, truss, columns, bracings, stairways, paltforms, rails, brackets, girts, purlins, etc., and where other structures such as bridges, towers, tanks etc., are involved these will follow broadly the same pattern.

e) An experienced senior draughtsman or detailer must carefully supervise drawings and carefully scrutinise then as a checker. It is essential to correct the errors at this stage, as the correction of errors during fabrication is the shop or during erection on site will be infinitely more expressive. Draughtsmen should be critical of their own work, subconsciously acting as their own checker, to ensure that to the best of their ability, their drawings are error free.

f) The detail drawings are sent to the fabrication shop where work is put in hand, drawing the material form stock, cutting it to exact length, drilling or punching the necessary hole and assembling the various parts by means of bolting or welding to make up the components or subassemblies ready for transport to site.

g) The drawing office whether using a manual system or computer aided facilities, must now processed with the preparation of erection drawings, showing steel framework in skeleton form (elevations, plans and cross-sections). These drawing should be checked by the senior detailer and endorsed by a qualified structural engineer; The steel erector will refer to these drawing for the assembly of the structural or site. The position of each fabrication shop, such erection marks are hand-marked, painted or tagged onto the steel components.

h) All drawings are updated to incorporate any revisions that have occurred during the progress of the job and a complete set of prints is handed to the engineers for filing. These serve as a record of the work and are useful for future reference.

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