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Bridge Detailing Services: Bridge Design and Drawing Services

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If you are seeking good quality bridge detailing services from an established and reliable engineering services provider, 7Solutions India is one of the best place. We are a leading engineering services provider based in India. Our company offers a wide range of offshore structural engineering services worldwide. Our aim is to felicitate companies to outsource their non-core business operations in order to stay focused on their core business competencies. Apart from saving costs, time and energy, companies can also have Higher Quality End-Product from their offshore outsourcing partners.

Our main areas of specialization are as follow:

•         Individual parts like beams, columns, slabs and their exact placement in a rendered 3D model
•         Special structures like Retaining walls, Water Retaining Structure
•         Column connection to foundation with base plate details
•         Connection Details - Welded, Riveted or Bolted for special moment resisting or ordinary moment resisting frames
•         Steel member Detail Drawings
•         Reinforcement Detailing
•         Field and Shop Bolt Summary
•         Steel Trusses member and connection details
•         Material Reports such as Advance Bill of Materials, Pre-Detailing, Shop and Field Bolt list, Field Bolt Location List etc.

Bridge Detailing
Bridge Design

So if you are thinking of outsourcing structural steel detailing to a dependable provider, then we are ready for you. The number of benefits that we offer and the quality of our services has given us many satisfied clients. Contact us and we will serve you the best services as per your specifications.

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