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Wind Loads Calculation Services for Modern Steel Structure building

Friday, November 26, 2010

Structural drafting India has skilled and experienced structural engineers who provide state of the art wind load calculation services. We have proven our dedication to the structural load calculation services industry by heavily investing in the latest computer technologies. Load Calculation is mathematical calculation performed to determine of how much cooling and heating (BTUs) an HVAC system must deliver for occupant safety and comfort. It is based on a variety of factors: square footage, building orientation, number of occupants, size and placement of rooms, number and size of windows and doors, amount of insulation, number of floors, and climate. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled and we are confident in our ability to complete your wind load calculation projects to the highest quality standards.

Wind loads directly affect the wall and roof finishes of buildings placing both imposed and suction loads of differing magnitudes on different areas of the building envelope. These loads need to be considered in the design of both the roofing and cladding and the supporting structure. The wind loads calculations should be carried out by a competent person such as a structural engineer and will help guide design decisions regarding both structural steelwork and any cladding which is fitted as the building envelope. The steelwork setout may dictate the cladding profile and gauge chosen or the choice of cladding may influence the steelwork set out.

5 reasons why go for Structural Drafting India:

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Loads as calculated will vary according to factors included in the calculation which are project specific. Location factors such as geographical location, whether the building is in open country or a town, proximity to the sea, wind exposure categories and terrain factors form the first stage of a calculation. Site specific and building geometry factors are then also built into the calculation such as height, single or multi storey, roof pitches and further modifying factors such as presence of dominant openings, proximity of other buildings and funneling effects.

Our structural design engineering skills, experience and expertise enable us to make available world-class superlative structural wind load calculation services to our customers. We are 100% confident we will be able to provide you quality work at very reasonable price.

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