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Foundation Design Services For Construction Site

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At Structural Drafting India we consider the foundations as the most important aspect of any building or development. Without the right type of foundations your building or development project can lead to instability or collapse. Working close with the builders, architects and project mangers we can assure the right foundations are in place for your construction. Our structural engineers can deploy various different types of foundations whether they are for new build homes, commercial or industrial developments. Foundations come in various types depending on weight of the building, the bearing capacity of the soil and weather conditions. There are four types of foundation: Deep Strip, Raft, Trenchfill and Piled. Wherever possible, establish ground conditions by means of a survey in order to pre-determine the foundation method best for your site.

•  Deep Strip Foundations Design

Deep Strip foundations are the least expensive and are used when ground conditions are good. A concrete strip, sometimes reinforced with steel mesh, supports the walls. The trench depth is variable but in most cases should be at least 1m with a width of 600mm. The concrete should have a minimum depth of 225mm.

•  Trenchfill Foundations Design

Trenchfill foundations fill the excavation, almost to the top, with concrete. Although more expensive than a Deep Strip foundation this method gets you out of the ground quickly. The Trenchfill foundation is used when soil is loose or in areas with a high water table. In areas with heavy clay and in the presence of trees, Trenchfill foundations may be taken deeper, to a level where the moisture content of the subsoil is unaffected. It may also require the provision of mesh reinforcement and the trench sides might need to be lined on one or both sides with a compressible material an /or a slip membrane.

•    Raft foundations Design

Raft foundations are used where the ground is inherently stable but where conditions deep below the surface, such as mining, might lead to ground movement. The reinforced raft is cast on top of consolidated hardcore and is shaped at the edge to provide a step upon which both leafs of the wall are constructed.

•    Piled Foundations Design

Piled foundations are used where good bearing ground can only be found at deeper levels or where physical restraints make other forms of foundation impossible. A Piled foundation is usually carried out by specialist contractors. The piles can be dug, bored or driven into the ground. They support a concrete ringbeam or groundbeam that spans from pile to pile, upon which the house is built. This ringbeam can be prefabricated but if it is cast on site it may be necessary to have reinforcement cages ready made up to an engineer's specification. In certain situations it may also be necessary to have compressible materials on hand to line the underside or sides of the beam.


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