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Basic of Structural Analysis and Design

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The efficient structure is that which depends on the usefulness of its analysis and steel design analysis. The engineer should follow the different segments of its requirements.

Here, we talk about what is meant by analysis of structure? As it is one of the most considerable factors of building structural engineering, it works according to the set of certain structural laws and methods as well as engineering techniques are also required to make better analysis. In other words, it plays a role of predictor of the performance of any building construction.

It is a central part of structural engineering which mainly put together the judgment of survival loads to be applied on any structure. The analysis must reflect an accurate estimate of all the anticipated strengths and weaknesses of a structure. The analysis will determine volume limits, as well as linear and surface strengths and weaknesses of structural components, including the strength of columns, walls, connectors, beams, braces, and roofs.

This analysis completely depends on immutable physical laws. The main goal of this process is to compute the internal forces, stresses and deformations of the given project. By inputting certain facts pertaining to the materials used, support conditions, structural loads and geometry, a resulting equation can be compared to know failure criteria.

The structural analysis three approaches as below:

• The Mechanics and Strength of the Materials Used
• Elasticity Methods
• The Finite Element Approach
Some of Advantages:
• It can be used to study any kind of system, text or material
• It applies equally to the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as to the "hard" Sciences, though with different connotations.
• The methods are might be different in each discipline but the basic premises, however, are the same.
• It enables awareness to reveal their limiting and conditioning nature.

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