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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Structural drafting India is an India base firm provides structural service like Precast concrete design, Rebar design and steel design services to US, UK, Canada, Australia and global clients.

Precast concrete design is a specialty of Structural drafting India. We bring our professional knowledge of and experience to every project. We understand efficient construction methods and long-term materials performance. Our team has the capability of providing design and drafting services for both commercial and residential projects of any size, from large or small.

We are following all the country specific code and standards as per requirement.

Precast concrete and prestressed concrete members include:    * Prestressed Concrete Joists
    * Precast Concrete Site Walls.
    * Prestressed Concrete Soffit Beams
    * Precast Concrete Hollowcore Members
    * Inverted Tee-Beam Members
    * Architectural Precast Concrete Cladding
    * Precast Concrete Residential Housing Walls
    * Prestressed Concrete Double-Tee Members

Our outputs for precast / Prestressed jobs include:

    * Fabrication drawings for
          o Columns
          o Beams
          o Roof/Slab panels
          o Wall panels
          o Staircases
    * Erection drawings
    * 3D models for co-ordination
    * 3D viewers

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