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Fundamentals of Rebar Detailing & Reinforced concrete detailing for Steel Structures

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A rebar or reinforcing bar, is a general steel bar used generally in reinforced concrete (RCC) structures and masonry establishments. It is typically crafted from carbon steel and is given ridges for better mechanical fixing into the concrete. It can also be depicted as reinforcing steel or rebar reinforcement.

In general, any material with adequate tensile strength could feasibly be used to reinforce concrete. But since the thermal expansion coefficient of steel is almost same as that of concrete, a concrete member reinforced with steel will undergo minimal stress as a result of differential expansions of the two interconnected materials produced by temperature changes.

If steel has an expansion coefficient totally different to that of modern concrete, it would create problems through additional perpendicular and longitudinal stresses as a result of large temperature changes. Although rebar has ribs that fasten it mechanically to the concrete, under high stresses it may pull out of the concrete, an event that often leads to a large-scale collapse of structures. To avoid such a failure, rebar is either bent & hooked at the ends to fasten it around the concrete or deeply entrenched into adjacent structural members.

Cutting & bending of steel rebar sticks to fixing them into the concrete block or member is generally performed by expert reinforcement fabricators or rebar detailers. Rebar detailing is a crucial job and requires precision to deliver greater stability to the structure. The expert rebar detailer’s uses latest software technologies to provide exact rebar shop drawings as per the specifications and needs of structure or building. The accuracy of bending operations is crucial to ensure that they fit correctly at the construction site and at the same time keep necessary lap lengths & anchorage length.

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