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Structural 3D Models and 3d Detailing For 3D Steel Structures

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Structural Outsource Services is one of the best Steel Modelling and 3d steel detailing services Provider Company that specializes in structural steel workshop details used by fabricators to manufacture all types of steel structure. Structural Outsource Services has been perfect its skill and providing world-class Steel Modelling and detailing services to global clients. We bring the latest StruCAD technology with experienced structural engineers giving customers the advantage of quality results without the expensive overhead. StruCAD unique collaboration features benefits the entire structural project supply chain right from the structural engineering team through drafters, detailing experts, metal fabricators and erection team.
Outsource your Steel Modelling and detailing services requirements to us. We will bring round our expertise to provide you the best of quality Steel Modelling and detailing services. Structural Outsourcing Services to fill up small quick contact form which starts to build business relationship with us.

Production of Structural Packages Compromising:

•    General Arrangement Drawings
•    Fabrication Detail Drawings
•    Fittings Detail Drawings
•    Material Lists and Bolt Lists using StruCAD
•    StruCAD Model

Some of out Steel Modelling and 3d detailing services types of work includes:

•    To price for detailing jobs
•    To work by the hour. (subcontract)

•    Check your work or your clients work.(models for approvals etc)
•    Wire frames for tender/presentation purposes.
•    Any detailing work your office can't handle.

While most of our work effort has concentrated on the global market, we have completed several projects in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada.

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