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Structural 3D Modelling, Steel Modelling Services at Analyze low Cost !!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Steel Detailing firm offers high quality, affordable and time-bound structure 3D modeling services to its clients across the globe. By outsourcing your structural steel modelling requirements to us you can save upto 40% of your project costs on lowest rates!

At Structural Outsourcing Services, our expert and experienced technical team uses Latest technologies to create an absolute, interactive and parametric model of steel structures. This model demonstrates accurate dimensions, geometry, steel connections, member properties and materials. The model leaves nothing to imagination and simplifies the process of fabrication and erection for the steel structures.

One of the major advantages of the interactive and parametric 3D Steel Model is that it can be easily revised in which all connected lists and drawings for the project can be updated automatically.

We offer wide variety of Structural 3D Modelling services for:

  • Structural components such as foundations, columns, beams, slabs, walls, stairs, handrails, girders, rafters, bracings, stiffeners, brackets etc
  • Variety of steel framings
  • Beam-beam, column-column connection details
  • Roof truss, joist and decking details
  • Special structures such as bridges, tanks, water retaining structures, transmission towers etc
  • Curved structures such as shell, masts, funnels, bulkheads, etc
  • Planar structures such as plates, platforms, decks, deck/penetration pieces, stiffeners, brackets, etc
We accept inputs in the form of hand drawn sketches/scribbles, JPEG images, TIFF images, PDF files, Scanned images, DWG, DWF &; DXF and deliver Structural 3D models of any type as per your standards and requirements.

Save up to 40% on Structural 3D Modelling & Steel Modelling related requirements by outsourcing to us today! email us to get FREE quote for your specific needs.

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