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Building Structural Detailing for Precast Panel, Concrete Precast and Precast Concrete Walls

Thursday, September 22, 2011

As everyone knows, outsourcing becomes now more and more popular than any other business segments. Outsourcing is not limited to any special field but it affects each and every fields of international business. Many large business units are outsourcing their requirements such as drafting, detailing, designing as they want crystal clear results by saving their valuable time, money and other resources.

Structural Precast Detailing is increasingly gaining the attention of organizations involved in structural engineering and construction as well as the owners and operators of buildings and other structures because Indian precast detailers have lots of experience in field of structural precast detailing and also they follow all country specify standers and codes as per client requirements.

Structural Drafting India-one of the finest structural precast detailing companies and we provide spectacular structural precast detailing solutions to worldwide clientele at most reasonable prices. So if you are thinking of outsourcing structural precast detailing requirements to a dependable provider, then we are ready for you. The number of benefits that we offer and the quality of our services has given us many satisfied clients. We have generated our values by giving fruitful results of our clients precast detailing requirements.

Structural Drafting India is known for high standards of quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and timeliness for precast detailing projects. Relentless and dedicated efforts of our expert professionals have helped us to achieve this unquestionable status in the precast concrete industry. We have excellent infrastructure base and we use latest technology for precast detailing. It enables us to provide maximum output with higher quality. Structural Drafting India is deeply committed to provide error-free structural precast detailing services.

We Specialize In Precast Detailing Services:

• Erection Drawing & member design
• Embedment plan
• Shop Details for
• Wall Panel (insulated, solid & architectural)
• Double Tee
• Non load bearing & Load bearing Spandrel
• Rectangular & Inverted Tee Beam
• Column
• Hollow Core Slab
• Column Cover & cornices
• Column Cap
• Flat Slab
• Hardware Detail & Hardware Count
• Lifting & Handling Detail

We have number of years experience in structural precast detailing services. Our expert precast detailers have full knowledge of each and everything involved in the design/detailing of precast concrete elements and modular construction systems that also include the production of shop drawings and supporting calculations.

Our Precast Detailing Process:

- A quote request is received from the client.
- Your information is reviewed by our estimator and a quote is generated.
- A contract is signed by the client and Structural Drafting India; after receipt our detailers will generate erection approval drawings. You may also request shop drawings to be created at this time.
- Approval drawings are sent to our checker for review.
- Checked drawings are coordinated; comments and concerns are fixed and verified.
- Approval drawings are issued to your company. Drawings will be sent to you in both DWG and PDF format for your convenience (Unless otherwise requested).
- The approval drawings are returned to Structural Drafting India with markup. All comments will be incorporated into the drawings.
- Shop drawings are generated from the newly coordinated erection drawings.
- All drawings are again sent to our checker for review.
- Checked drawings are re-coordinated to fix all issues noted by the checker.
- Final erection drawings and shop drawings are then re-issued to your company.

We can identify our self as a principal in precast detailing services as we can assure you that no one in the market can provide you precast detailing solutions at such low rates as we are. Visit us and we will serve you the best services at affordable rates and as per your specifications. You can also drop us an email with your specific requirements at

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