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Structural Steel Connection Drawings Services at Structural Drafting India

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Structural Drafting India was established on 2007 as a multi-disciplinary structural drawings services providing company to both public and private clients also having vast expertise in structural connection detailing design services. The method of join the individual members of a structure to form a complete assembly. The connections furnish supporting reactions and transfer loads from one member to another. Loads are transferred by fasteners (rivets, bolts) or welding supplemented by suitable arrangements of plates, angles or other structural shapes. When the end of a member must be free to rotate, a pinned connection is used.

Our team of professional engineers will provide experience and expertise for your projects. Additional information and quotations are just phone Call (or Email) away!

Our Services include

• Structural steel connection design
• Stair and Miscellaneous steel design
• Curtain wall framing and connection design
• Building facade support design
• Cold formed steel design
• Glazing system drawings
• Concrete form work design
• Structural engineering
• Shop Drawings
• Forensic structural Engineering Drawings
• Construction liability claim Investigation

If you want to outsource structural drawings OR Structural steel connection design related services please contact us

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