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Outsource your structural steel detailed drawings and get up to 40%OFF on our services

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Steel Detailing India is a well recognized offshore structural steel drafting company that specializes in delivering low cost structural steel detailed drawings services. We understand steel drawings concepts very well and what is need rather than just know-how of use drafting software. We have a team of skilled structural engineers and specialist steel detailed drawings professionals with huge experience at our steel detailing company 

We provide accurate structural steel detailed drawings in various formats to meet client’s project requirements. Our detailers and drafters are enough experienced to handle medium to large scale and simple to complex steel detailing projects. We have proper and decent resources to face most of the challenges that comes during project execution. Our attitude is about giving real value to our clients and serving them.

We have been working since long for structural engineering clients across the world. We follow building drawings codes that exist in various countries, providing perfect steel drafting & drawings solutions that meet exactly our clients’ needs. By outsourcing your structural steel detailed drafting & drawings services to us.

Our steel detailing services include various solutions for smaller residential buildings to manufacturing units, vast industrial set-ups, monuments and bridges. We specialize in drafting most type of structures such as residential, commercial and industrial structures. We provide structural drafting drawings that cover details of beams, slabs, columns, walls and foundations.

Our steel drafting & drawings projects include commercial and industrial structures, parking garages, bridges, high-rise & low-rise buildings, and special structures like tanks, retaining walls, etc.

So, Steel Detailing India to us by visiting us at: Or email us at:  for further communication.

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